Blackberry Music Gateway Video Guide !

 Blackberry Music Gateway Video Guide !

RIM have released a new video which demonstrates how to use their Blackberry Music Gateway accessory.

Blackberry Music Gateway is a new NFC and Bluetooth accessory which enables users to stream music wirelessly from a Blackberry smartphone , tablet or PC to any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. For example, you could use Blackberry smartphone with your car stereo !

The video above shows how easy and simple it is to connect the Blackberry Music Gateway over either NFC or Bluetooth. Essentially, all you do is pair the Music Gateway accessory with your smartphone .

Users will then be able to play their favourite music from their smartphone , as well as being able to control the playbook from their smartphone. The Blackberry Music Gateway has a maximum range of 30 metres which is more than enough !

3G think's it's a really neat accessory especially for playing back music in the car. The Blackberry Music Gateway is available to buy for just £30, which we think offers great value !

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Cross-Platform MobiForms Mobile Development Tool Adds Camera Bar Code Reader Support to Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Apps – QR Code Press

 Cross Platform MobiForms Mobile Development Tool Adds Camera Bar Code Reader Support to Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Apps   QR Code Press

Guildford, United Kingdom, August 06, 2012 --( the latest version of the innovative cross-platform mobile development tool MobiForms 6.04 now offers support for Apple iOS camera bar code reader integration with one simple scan command. MobiForms is now integrated with a range of multi-format 1D and 2D bar code image processing libraries. MobiForms now supports most bar code formats including UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, ITF, RSS-14 and QR Codes. This feature is ideal for adding bar code scanning to logistics, field service and consumer mobile apps.MobiForms also includes standard Apple iOS camera photo and GPS integration. MobiForms now makes it possible for novice or experienced programmers alike to quickly create any kind of mobile business app for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. Additionally, the same app can be run on other platforms such as Windows Mobile and Android smartphones and tablets.the MobiForms Developer can be used standalone or with the MobiForms Sync Server as part of the MobiForms Advanced Edition. the MobiForms Sync Server enables bi-directional data replication, synchronisation and offline buffering between just about any master back office database server or ERP package (such as Oracle Apps, SAP, Navision, Dynamics etc.), and any MobiForms mobile client running on Apple iOS or a host of other mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile and Android. Supported back office database servers include Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Sybase, IBM DB2, SQLite, HSQLDB, MySQL and Firebird.MobiForms offers all the tools in one "box" for the creation and deployment of any type of mobile application - from surveys to field service, from signature capture to bar coding.unlike most competing products, MobiForms offers a total solution for a once off licence fee. the licence includes an unlimited number of MobiForms clients running on Tablet PC, Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows Smartphone, Google Android and Apple iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod. for Apple iOS devices there is a token device registration fee.the MobiForms Developer or the MobiForms Advanced Edition can be downloaded from the MobiForms web site at:

Contact Information:MobiFormsTim Donald44 1252 338812Contact via

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QR codes generator with a unique angle released by Clipix

 QR codes generator with a unique angle released by Clipix

Visual bookmarking tool startup mcommerce company, Clipix, was only just launched in June, but it has taken off with a highly impressive growth, and is already releasing new features, such as its QR codes generator, that are drawing even more attention in its direction.

This new feature isn’t just a replica of standards from other companies.

Instead, the company has given it a new twist, according to Oded Berkowitz, the CEO and founder of Clipix. the reason that its QR code creation tool combines the quick response barcodes with its overall bookmarking service. the company believes that this will make the digital squares that can be scanned by smartphones much more useful than the ones that are already in use today/

The new QR codes will avoid the problem of being forgotten once they’re been checked out the first time.

Many times, the struggle faced by mobile marketers using QR codes is that they successfully achieve a high number of scans, but all too many consumers then proceed to forget all about the page or site after the first visit. Clipix believes that it has found a way around this problem by giving smartphone users the ability to save the link that is associated with a barcode scan, into their Clipix board so that it can be found again later on.

When a quick response code is scanned, it can either be saved into Clipix as a link, or the user can choose to email it to him or herself. of course, the user can also simply choose to view the link’s content as in the case of any other typical QR code scan.

The barcodes that are generated through this service can link to any site on the web, which includes the service public clipboard, as well as a company’s homepage, a product page, a video, a social media page, or pretty much any other URL.

This is helping to expand the use of Clipix even further. the startup and its new QR codes have already become popular among several real estate agents, as well at trade shows, as it provides the ability to share a significant amount of information quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

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Mobile payments have barely started but are already swamped with competition

 Mobile payments have barely started but are already swamped with competition

An ever increasing number of merchants and consumers alike are experimenting with different ways to pay for items that include mobile payments among the available options.

A wide range of new options are beginning to open up at restaurants, bars, and shops of all kinds.

Even though the mobile payments industry is still in the earliest part of its fledgling stage, the growth of its adoption is rapid, which is leading to notable competition among providers of these services.

New mobile payments partnerships and strategies are being announced regularly in mcommerce news.

Earlier this month, headlines shared that Square Inc. had partnered up with Starbucks so that all of the coffee shop locations would feature Square registers. PayPal here announced even more recently that it was partnered with McDonald’s for a trial of their mobile payments services at dozens of the fast food restaurant locations in France.

Even major retailers are getting into the mobile payments game, to try to take their own piece of the pie. for example, a host of major retailers, including Best Buy, Target, and Wal-Mart, have come together to form the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), which will create its own system that will allow consumers to buy products and pay for them using their smartphones.

Square, PayPal, and MCX are large players but aren’t nearly the extent of the mobile payments marketplace, as many other large companies and partnerships have also started to make their marks. these include Google Wallet, Isis, Intuit, and LevelUp. each of these has joined the race to become the new and most important digital wallet.

While some seem to be setting themselves along a more standard path, others are opting to break away and use more unconventional techniques. LevelUp, for example, has chosen to use QR code scans to allow consumers to complete their transactions. Others are simply trying to function in a similar way to traditional credit cards, but to offer their services at lower costs in order to give themselves greater appeal; a feature that is especially appealing to small businesses.

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Misionero Vegetables Redesigns Website, Adds Consumer Video – PerishableNews

by Misionero Vegetables Posted: Monday, August 27, 2012 at 9:04AM EDT

I 0024360 Misionero Vegetables Redesigns Website, Adds Consumer Video   PerishableNews Gonzales, California - Misionero Vegetables’ website has a fresh new look that technically provides its online visitors with significant improvements in navigation and easier accessibility to product information.

In addition to the redesign, Misionero has added a consumer video to the site. The video has Sarah Hoxie (ANUK ) in the kitchen preparing quick and easy recipes using Garden Life leaf lettuces. Using their smart phones, consumers click on the QR code found on the front of the packages, and are directed to the site where they are provided with usage ideas.

“our customer and consumer needs are vital to us. The new web site offers consumers new and innovative recipes, product information and nutrition” says Dan Canales VP of Sales and Marketing. “In addition, our business partners can now access product information such as logos, sell sheets, product specifications sheets in a timely manner, improving our communication and delivery process”. Misionero Vegetables is a family-owned and operated business, providing fresh, quality produce since 1973.

Misionero Vegetables sells certified organic and conventional products under the Earth Greens® and Garden Life™ brands both domestically and internationally.

Source: Misionero Vegetables

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Blackberry Curve 9320 In Blue And Violet Exclusively On Vodafone !

Vodafone already offer the affordable Blackberry Curve 9320 in White and Black and they've now added a couple of new exclusive colours to their online store.

The Blackberry Curve 9320 is now available in both Blue and Violet which will appeal to those who like their smartphone a bit more vibrant and unique. you can pickup the smartphone in any of the four colours from Vodafone's store for just £135 on Pay as you Go or on Pay Monthly from £13 a month.

Click here to buy the Blackberry Curve 9320 on Vodafone.

Blackberry Curve 9320 Violet Blackberry Curve 9320 In Blue And Violet Exclusively On Vodafone !

The Blackberry Curve 9320 is an affordable QWERTY smartphone which has a 2.44 inch display, has 512MB of RAM and a 3.2 mega-pixel camera. the smartphone runs on Blackberry 7.1 and supports both 3G and WiFi.

3G reviewed the Curve 9320 earlier in the year where we concluded that it's "A neat, user-friendly handset with the kind of social networking, email and productivity offerings you’d expect from a pricier phone."  you can read our full Blackberry Curve 9320 review by clicking here.

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QReate and Track Enhancements

 QReate and Track Enhancements

interlinkONE, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has released a number of major new enhancements to its QR Code management software solution, QReate and Track. These features include QR Code location tracking and reporting, an image upload utility for placing a logo in the middle of a QR Code, and additional file formats & sizes for downloading QR Codes.

“Over the past few months, our team has worked very closely with customers to find out exactly what they needed to offer more robust QR Code services to their clients,” said interlinkONE’s CMO Jason Pinto. “With the release of these new features, primarily the Location Tracking and Reporting enhancement, our customers will be able to provide a great deal of valuable data and insight to the people that they produce QR Codes for.”

These features are now available to all registered users of the QReate & Track application. for more information on how to register for and use these features, please visit

Here is a brief description of how these features work:

• QR Code Location Tracking and Reporting: Registered users now have the option to track the location of the QR Codes that they create. if this option is turned on, a map is added to the reporting dashboards. Pins are displayed throughout the map to indicate where QR Code scans are occurring in real-time.

• QR Code Image/Logo Upload and Insertion: to help customers that want a simple way to insert a logo within their QR Codes, an “Overlay Image” option has been added to the QR Code generation process. the QReate & Track application will automatically re-size the image that the user uploads and properly insert it into the middle of the QR Code.

• QR Code File Format and Size Options: Users now have many options available to them when they need to download the QR Codes that they’ve generated. Options include PNG, JPG, BMP, and EPS, along with a range of sizes.

Speaking on the topic of whether companies should care about QR Codes, or if they should be focusing on other technologies, interlinkONE’s CEO John Foley, Jr. shared a few thoughts.

 “There is no doubt in my mind that QR Codes are still one of the most effective ways to make print interactive”, said Foley. “Major brands are launching solutions that include QR Codes on a daily basis. thus, the opportunities for service providers to increase their revenue and the value they provide to customers by offering integrated solutions that include QR Codes are still there… and they are growing.”

Visit to start using these advanced QR Code features today.

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Yitran to Present Its Technology at the Metering Billing/CRM Latin America, August 21-23, 2012 – QR Code Press

 Yitran to Present Its Technology at the Metering Billing/CRM Latin America, August 21 23, 2012   QR Code Press

Beer Sheva, Israel, August 08, 2012 --( Yitran Communications, ltd., a leading provider of Powerline Communication (PLC) technology, offers all on one chip PLC modems and solutions, specifically designed for reliable networking, meeting the Smart Grid and other energy efficiency applications requirements. Yitran’s PLC ICs are designed to withstand a rough environment and can maintain quality communication over long distances (including underground).With more than 16 years' experience in development of cutting edge PLC technology, Yitran provides a one-stop-shop communication solution, including full support to its customers, from the evaluation stage to the final product and by that shorten customer’s products time to market.Yitran will demonstrate the reliability and versatility of its mature technology at the Metering Billing/CRM Latin America in Sao Paulo, Brazil during August 21-23, 2012.Yitran will be located at Booth D29 where it will feature its full line of PLC networking technologies. Yitran’s booth will demonstrate the IT700 legacy DCSK PLC solution, which has been installed in many AMR/AMM projects around the world. also on the display will be Yitran’s new generation - IT900 DCSK Turbo - reaching a speed of 500Kbps and the first design of IT1000 OFDM Flex technology, which meets G.hnem /G3/Prime/ IEEE P1901.2 emerging standards.more than 1000 customers are currently using Yitran’s IT700 technology for AMR/AMM/AMI, load shift, street light control, solar panel control and monitoring, in-home/building energy management, smart home applications including white goods appliances, high/mid voltage monitoring as well as other control applications. Yitran's long experience in PLC is demonstrated through state of the art and innovative solutions for Powerline Communications with superior reliability while maintaining the cost of the solution low, thus meeting the cost sensitivity of the market.about Yitran Communications ltd.Yitran Communications ltd. designs, develops and markets high performance, low cost PLC modem chips and systems. Yitran’s products provide robust and reliable communication to enable a variety of Command and Control applications, such as AMR/AMM/AMI, Prepayment Meter, Split Meter, Home/Building Automation, Commercial Automation and Management. Yitran's customers and partners list include leading companies such as Renesas, Panasonic Electric Works, Hitachi, KEPCO, Kinden, LG, LS Microsoft and more. for further details: all product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective owners.Source: Yitran Communications ltd.Contact: Shani Ganiel Tel: +972-8-623-5281

Contact Information:Yitran Communications ltd.Guy Ellenbogen+972-8-623-5281Contact via

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QR codes used by nonprofits for highly interactive mobile marketing campaign

 QR codes used by nonprofits for highly interactive mobile marketing campaign

Six not for profit organizations are partnering together to use QR codes in order to offer a smartphone friendly mobile marketing campaign that involves a scavenger hunt in Martin County.

These barcodes will be posted in Stuart on September 8 from 8:30am to noon.

The Smartphone Family Scavenger Hunt is designed around the popular QR codes that are scanned every minute of every day around the country in order to provide easy direction to websites and apps for smartphone and tablet users.

People who wish to participate in the scavenger hunt with QR codes can register in advance or on the day.

The advance registration is less expensive, at $20, but registering at the door is still an affordable $25, and all of the proceeds go to great causes. As the event is expected to draw a large number of people, advance registration is highly recommended. It can be conveniently completed at the official website, located at

The scavenger hunt starts at the Children’s Services Council, which is located in Stuart. The beginning is at 8:30am, and the address is 101 S.E. Central Parkway.

Though participants are welcome to use their own mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, regardless of the operating system that is used (Android, iOS, etc), if they do not have their own, they will be provided with a scanning gadget at each stop. Those who choose to use their own smartphones are advised that they will need a free reader app for QR codes in order to be able to scan the barcodes.

Each stop will involve a family fun activity which must be completed before the participants will be allowed to scan the barcodes to receive the next clue and then move on to the following stop.

All of the money that is raised throughout the scavenger hunt from the registration to scan the barcodes will go toward the event expenses as well as the efforts to accomplish the ARC of Martin County mission. The hope is that it will also help to spread awareness about the organization and what it provides.

<a href=",2005:cluster=, 17 Aug 2012 14:30:52 GMT">QR codes used by nonprofits for highly interactive mobile marketing campaign – Penny Per Print – Tiny Transmitters Unveiled   Penny Per Print   Tiny Transmitters Unveiled 

The QR Code (Quick Response Code) was invented in 1994, it?s like a barcode but hold more information. You can scan the QR Code on your smart phone and it will automatically take you to the companies? website.

The three larger squares in the corners provide orientation information so the scanner knows which way up the code is. The QR Code also has built in error correction, so if part of it is missing, chances are the code will still be readable.

Pitney Bowes offer the pbSmartTM ? it?s a web based software solution allowing you to create interactive and promotional campaigns.

Using a QR Code in it?s very basic sense would cost less than a penny to print it, but why not do more exciting things with your QR Code, which (if you do not already have one) can be designed through Pitney Bowes and their pbSmartTM program.

You can use a QR Code on an event poster for example, the customer scans the code to get tickets for the event, or put a QR Code on a poster for a service you offer ? giving a 10% off voucher if the QR Code is scanned?

Another option for QR Codes is on greeting cards, you send out hundreds of cards to your clients at Christmas, and you very kindly include a 10% off voucher, not many of these are used as it?s in a Christmas card and by error the card is seen, put on a shelf then thrown out 2weeks later when Christmas is over?

Why not try putting the QR Code on the front of the greetings card? ?We have a gift for you!? and the QR Code in a ?parcel?, curiosity will get the better of your clients, they will have to scan the QR Code to see what the gift is. therefore the company and the offer stay in the customers mind longer, as it was not just a case of opening a card and seeing it there, like all your competitors do.

More excitingly, if you go to trade shows maybe the staff could wear T Shirts or Caps with the company name and QR Code on, or hand out magnets, badges and bags with the QR Code on?

Using Pitney Bowes pbSmartTM program you can also put your QR Code on mugs and thermos travel mugs. Perhaps you?re looking for a better way to connect with your new clients, why not put your QR Code on the front cover a Ring Binder, this way you could link the QR Code to a demo video perhaps?

Pitney Bowes have everything you need to create your QR Marketing campaign is right here!

Media Contact Details:

Name: Hazel Cottrell Company name: i3MEDIA Town: Peterborough Country: Cambridgeshire Telephone Number: 08454590013 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Language: English

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